IM>Hi folks,

IM>Has anybody thought about the Magic Resistance versus Evil
>Magic that the Paladins of Avani has.
>Magic resistance used to be easy, if it was magic it worked.
>But this is harder, a spell cast by an evil character who fights for his
>life does not have to be evil, nor are all necromancy spells evil.

I think this is meant only in this respect. If the magic used is
being used with the intention of performing an evil act, then the
resistance would apply. But I would think that any magic used by an
evilly aligned person (whether it is self-defensive or not) would be
considered evil.
Lets say a paladin is in a store. The merchant in question is evil and
a magic-user. It seems to me that the paladin would not be obliged to
attack the merchant even if he did detect evil as long as the merchant
was minding his own business. But if the merchant used said magic to
manipulate or decieve a patron (say the paladin for example) then the
magic wouldn't work against the paladin.
Remember most evil people are victimizers and are rarely themselves
victims. If they are indeed victims it is most likely that they are
vicitms to other evil people.


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