Mike Carscadden wrote:
>I have been reading the sourcebook on Tuarhievel and I find the =
>idea of
>the human on the Thorn Throne a little weird. Taking a human =

I just had to say something about this. I think "a little wierd" is an und=
erstatement. In the game I run, I ruled that the reason that sourcebook =
gave for Fhileraen to leave was just plain stupid. The Prince did not =
appear to be such an idiot as to hand himself over to the Gorgon. I would =
have played a Gorgon laughing and giggling at the thought of the Prince =
doing it and I don't see how the Gorgon could resist invading! So, IMC, I =
have ruled that the Gorgon's demand was dismissed and the Prince instead =
strengthened ties with the Sielwode in order to *much more effectively* =
protect his lands. This means that IMC, racism between elves and humans =
have increased almost to the breaking point, but thus far no human realm =
has desired to rule an elven one, at least not while the Iron Throne =
stands vacant (a much more valuable prize).

In short, I agree with you. With the support of Dhoesone and the Sielwode,=
Tuarhievel should be able to deter the Gorgon's attack without resorting =
to handing himself over as a hostage.

Game designers, do you have a take on this?

- -Dustin Evermore