The sudden merger of WotC, and TSR, has generated a lot of heated discussion
recently. Since this affects us all i have allowed conversations to go on
concerning this. Recently things are starting to get out of hand. We are not
here to determine the fate of AD&D, 1st or 2nd Ed. BTW, many gamers don't
seem to realize that TSR did not just come up with 2nd Ed. the changes were
done in reasponse to what gamers asked for over many, many years. Its the
game we wanted.When you get down to it the differences are minor, but are
improvments. I'm sorry, but I could never remove Non-Wep Pro. from any of my
games. Uggh! Now I'm doing it. Any comments to my above statement should be
sent to me by *private* e-mail. Not to the List. Each of us should do our
best to support BR, and you can do this two ways. The first, be sure to let
all the gamers you know how great a setting it is. The more interest the
better. Secondly, send a snail mail letter to WotC(e-mails don't help at
all)telling them how much you like, and support BR. Just be sure to remain
civil, and keep a postive attitude. Negative and/or nasty letters just get
chucked in the trash unread. This is all we as consumers can, and should do.
Anything else will only get us all worried, and distraught. Things will be
much clearer in the next few weeks. Until then please keep any further
discussions of the merger, and of which edition of AD&D is better, confined
to *private* e-mails. Lets get back on the topic of BR, and remember we do
this for fun, not to build stress tolerance. Thanks.

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