My god this is exciting! What are all you wierdo's moaning about? TSR
was a great producer of games but terrible at making business
decisions! Need I remind you all about the Complete Books of Minutae?

WotC is a great company. They learn from thier mistakes, and they've
made a lot of them. Remember the Atog? Yet they don't don't *continue*
to make those same mistakes!

I think that Bill Slavicek, Rich Baker, and people like Carl Seargent
are *right up my alley* and design awesome supplaments. Birthright, The
Player's Option series (what 2nd ed. *should* have been) this stuff is
great! I consider it a renaissance in AD&D. I hated the 2nd edition.
They failed to fix stuff they should have fixed and screwed around with
stuff best left untouched. Then Birthright comes out, projects like the
Encyclopedia Magica and the Wizards Spell Compendium (which should have
BEEN the 2nd edition. What point revising everything if you're not
going to include everything you've done up to date?!) and the Player's
Options (which should have been called DM's Option, since it ain't up to
the players one tiny little bit) and I'm in love again! Then, in the
middle of all this, everything dries up! Night Below is the best module
since the Bloodstone Pass series and then Return To The Tomb Of Horrors
never comes out! Ahh!

I terribly exited with the idea of an creative force like TSR has now
being run by a company that can A: afford to support it's products and
publish them on time, and B: make the development decision that should
have been made 8 years ago.

And I really like WotC's stuff. Ok, Everyway was an abortion, but an
admirable one. And look, already WotC has learn from that mistake!
JUST LIKE I SAID. They tried thier own thing, tried to out-Mark Rein
Splotch Hagen, Mark Rein Splotch Hagen and succeeded! They produced a
game with even fewer rules and even less coherant game design than
Vampire, and it quite deservedly bombed! So they did what *I* would
have done. What *any* of us would have done. They they it away and
went after the best gaming company around!

I am looking forward to spending money on TSR again. How can this be