Greetings everybody,
I'm new on this mailing list and I almost don't speak english, but I read
easily and I'm in love whit BR product. I would ask you to talk back about
BR, not about big business involving money and lawyers. Nobody will kill
D&D because it makes money and that we don't chopped down a tree whith gold
apples. I played D&D, AD&D and now I have 4 differents BR campaigns,
starting another one and preparing a big contest with 25 to 35 peoples this
summer. I visited the archives and found very interesting and helpful all
your discussions. I don't think that boycotting or flaming Wizard's E-mail
will help anything about BR, running a company involves making money and
it's the only thing that will decides what happens to whom...

I will enjoy tips on how to run ennemis, I mean to run the Thurazor, Five
Peaks and Boeruine vs Avanil lands. I run a compaign where the setting is
in Talinie with 4 regents that want to control the world in their
domains(money, power, faith, etc). I loved the latest news from Stephanie
and if others people hve their resume on computer, I would like to take a
look, it gives many tips and new ideas...

Thanks everyone!