Hi, guys.

I'm back from the TSR www site (tsrinc.com). A bit pathetic (sigh). We all
got the communique, now here's TSR comments for now, I post it here for
those who only have a mail access or can't log in, since the site seems to
be much more sollicited than usual. Bad news do travel fast!

General TSR Info


Right now, we still don't have a whole lot of information. However, there
are certain questions that can be answered right

What does this mean for AD&D?
AD&D is a valuable commodity for which Wizards is certain to want to
continue to produce products.

What about the late products & magazines?
It is most likely that shipping will resume once the negotiations behween
the two companies are completed (estimated 6-8

What about Gen Con?
Gen Con will take place on schedule in Milwaukee.

What about Gen Con program books & housing forms?
They will still be going out in May.

How come the web site said that TSR wasn't being bought, but it actually was?
Because only upper management of the two companies knew what was going on;
everything else was rumor and

Other than for these questions, we don't have any answers at this time. In
other words, if you don't see the answer to your
question here, the answer is

"We don't know yet."

When we get answers, they will be posted here (sorry, we won't be making
personal replies because the volume of repeat
questions is going to be very high). Until then, please don't bombard us
with questiens we can't answer. We know the most
common questions; we'll give answers when we get thom.

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