IM> It is hard to believe what I have read tonight about TSR and yet when
>you sit back and think about it, everything makes sense. Jonathan is
>correct in saying that WoC did not buy TSR to help an ailing company, they
>are in this to make money.

IM>I am convinsed that the Birthright campaign is the best money I have spent
>on RPG products since I bought the Temple of Elemental Evil when I was in
>junior high school and I intend on continuing to support this vibrant
>gaming world. The bottom line is dollars and cents, if a product line is
>supported, it will probably continue to grow, if not it will die on the
>vine. So, while I feel I have lost an old friend (since when have I ever
>given any of my friends this much money, or even my wife for that matter) I
>wait with anticipation at what the future might hold for my favorite

IM>John Heitz


Now THIS is a realistic, non-fatalistic attitude. Glad to finally see


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