My objection is not to the purchase of TSR, but to the purchase of TSR
by WoC. They have tried to break into the game market before. Ever
hear of Ars Magica or SLA Industries, they were games, and decent ones
at that, that WoC bought didn't support and in turn killed. They bought
up a whole mess of games right after they made their big hit with
magic. They overextended, and cut all the games (and people for you TSR
employees) loose. Making them in essence dead. My concern is not that
TSR products will be hurt, they can't be if current writers are kept,
but that the colossal mismanagement WoC has exhibited in the past will
lead to the demise of a game played and loved by millions. TSR is not
the only one to blame here. We could have done something. TSR stock
has been on the market for years. The game has been around 22. There
has to be some people with some money or a rich Uncle that could've
invested. Hell if we all just spent $100 on TSR stock none of this crap
would have happened. Above it all we can't blame the creative talent at
TSR for this circumstance. They had nothing to do with it. There is
one other thing that bothers me. TSR and WoC are both out to make money
why would you shutdown a company for something like 6 months. What the
hell are they thinking. Most corporate takeovers happen witout an
interruption in production. If TSR was in such bad financial shape they
could have asked us for some help. Pass the hat. Never know people are
pretty generous when it comes to something they love.

I have gone on long enough,