It is hard to believe what I have read tonight about TSR and yet when
you sit back and think about it, everything makes sense. Jonathan is
correct in saying that WoC did not buy TSR to help an ailing company, they
are in this to make money.

I am convinsed that the Birthright campaign is the best money I have spent
on RPG products since I bought the Temple of Elemental Evil when I was in
junior high school and I intend on continuing to support this vibrant
gaming world. The bottom line is dollars and cents, if a product line is
supported, it will probably continue to grow, if not it will die on the
vine. So, while I feel I have lost an old friend (since when have I ever
given any of my friends this much money, or even my wife for that matter) I
wait with anticipation at what the future might hold for my favorite

John Heitz