Does anyone know how accurate the novel "Greatheart" is in
relation to the Shadow World?

According to the novel, at the battle of Diesmar thousands from
Azrai's armies found themselves transported to a different
plane.(pg.161) When they arrived on this new plane, it was
similar to Aebyrnis exept that the only intelligent form of life
were halflings (yes, I know that some of you may question the
intelligence of halflings, but I tend to like the little
buggers). With the arrival of these evil individual's, "the sky
and the world changed." Thus, the beginnings of the Shadow

The novel goes on the say that the more powerful members of
Azrai's armies have taken control of various areas of the Shadow
World. In the process they had enslaved the halfling
population. The majority of these new leaders were liches. I
have not been able to determine how these armies became undead.
Maybe they were undead before the battle of Diesmar or maybe
they died and were transported and then raised during the
explosion that destroyed the Gods.

Any help on clearing this up would be appreciated.