OK folks, a business decision has been made. We can't affect the outcome
of that decision now. What we can do is encourage Wizard et. al. to
continue to support Birthright and the designers/writers that we like.
TSR has produced too many popular products for Wizard to kill
everything. They bought TSR to enhance their own product line. Magic
and D&D were not competing against each other, but were selling different
products to by and large the same constituency. Wizard would be insane
to discontinue the D&D stuff because that would totally waste all of the
money and time they sunk into TSR.

We need to keep our ears open, and then encourage the appropriate people
at Wizard to continue the products we want. Just think about all of the
grief that TSR has had to put up with since January. Everyone writing
saying where are the products? We have money and we demand to spend it
on your stuff. Wizard can and will respond to such pressure.

Basically, don't go into a depression over the fact that someone bought
TSR. It could mean a chance for an improvement in the product, not an
end to it.

just my 2 GB's (people have been getting skimpy and only offering 2gp's,
but hey man, it is only money!)