Here is the latest news from my campaign in the form of a newspaper avail=
in the city of Anuire for 1 SP per copy.
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Southern Anuire News. Issue 9 (Pasiphiel / 568 MR.)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel
=46rom her Imperial City offices.

Produced once every three months
Correspondents include:
Medoere - Aeric Gallant
Roesone - Roesone Intel
Diemed - Kalin Sufgaer
Endier - Caine the wizard.
Avanil - Stephanie Vaumel
Anuire - Stephanie Vaumel
Ghoere - Paeghen Valesie

* Correspondents are required from other kingdoms, pay is 10 gp/month.

Keltier 568

War broke out this month between the holy Medoere army and the Ghoere sol=
who =

have been based in Diemed and Endier. The fighting was contained to the
northern =

province of Caerwil where a massive battle was fought lasting most of a d=
At its end the field was littered with thousands of Medoere and Ghoere de=
Medoere had won the day, but the price had been very high. Of the massive=

Medoere =

army only a few hundred soldier remained. The Ghoere forces were either k=
or fled back into Diemed.
Damage to Caerwil province has been extensive with several villages and f=
burnt =

down by the invaders. The regent Lenviath da Enlien has personally challe=
the regent of Ghoere Gavin Tael to a battle to decide the fate of their
kingdoms. It will be a duel to the death.

A friend of the regent, a sorceress from Osoerde was kidnapped outside
Proudglaive =

city while she was travelling toward the city to visit with the regent. F=
Kawn has dispatched several patrols to search for the kidnappers before
leaving to search for her himself in the company of the mercenary Cowan t=

Diemed has refused to become involved with the conflict in Medoere. Offic=
this is due to the treaty between the two kingdoms, but some are now sayi=
that Baron Diem is letting Ghoere and Medoere battle each other and in th=
process eliminate two threats to his kingdom.

Construction of the new Caer Endier continued this month. Caine the wizar=
d was
even =

seen assisting in the building of the castle. With his magical help the
building has been proceeding at a very quick rate and much of the new
structure should soon be completed.
The regent of Endier Lauriel Kalien has been seen at the building site ta=
to the wizard. They seemed very friendly. =

Other reconstruction work within the city has now mainly been completed a=
life has long since returned to normal.

Imperial City:
The underworld battle continue this month with more murders and arson bei=
reported. =

The city watch has arrested known members of several thieves guilds, but =
has only helped the newcomers strengthen their hold on the cities crimina=
In other news the new collage of sorcery has been completed and is now
offering training for young magicians and wizards seeking a life in magic=

Isolated clashes have broken out between units of Avanil troops and the
Boeruine army. =

So far these clashes have been limited to a few small battles, but the tr=
may =

spread soon.

The Spiderfell has been quiet this month.

Much of the southern Ghoere army has been destroyed in the war that is go=
on in =

Medoere this month. Several hundred soldiers and a large number of mercen=
were =

killed in the fighting. More troops are being sent from the north through=

Endier and Diemed towards Medoere. Included in these troops are the Iron
Guard, Ghoere's crack mounted troops.

Other News this month:

There is trouble along the southern border of the Gorgon's kingdom, espec=
around Kiergard. It is suspected that the Gorgon's armies may have been e=
a rebellions in this region.

Pirate raids along the southern coast have increased recently. This new t=
is causing only minor damage to Anuire merchant shipping so far However.