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Thread: Shadow World

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    Mike Carscadden

    Shadow World

    I like the idea of the Shadow World being inconstant and everchanging.
    Not just being another cliche 'Realm of the Dead' plane. I surelly hope
    however you aren't going for the paisley VW '70's acid trip feel. I
    can't see it as very exciting when a fighter enters the Shadow world and
    is then devoured by a pretty tulip. Also in the BR world I would like
    to see some new evil nasties for the world. That and here's a little
    message to the BR designers, Please, please don't spread out to a new
    continent as the book Aquitania suggests you might be doing. Please do
    more detail on Cerilia, there is enough to do there. Also just as a
    side you BR guys and gals are doing a hell of a job.

    my 2 cents


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    Shadow World

    I just recently joined this mailing list...could anyone fill me in on what's
    been said concerning the Shadow World so far?

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