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Date: 97-03-18 20:02:19 EST
From: Silveras

Memnoch writes:
>>I can see where you are getting this from but other than the "prestige" of
having a 'proper' bloodline that is particularly 'famous/infamous' this
really has no other in-game effect, >and from the munchkin point of view, it actually detracts from the
potential of gaining the real game effecting blood abilities. Somehow, I don't really see the benefit in assigning a "proper" label to
bloodlines vs doing things the way they are. Also, reading into table 12 (p 22) if two siblings were rolled up at the
same time, one sibling would not necessarily have the same number of blood
abilities according to his blood strength score not to mention the same blood
abilities. However, in reading your example of gaining blood abilities, this
would be exactly the case (same number of blood abilities and the exact same
blood abilities gained), unless, somehow I'm not reading this correctly.