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governing a domain or being an heir of a regent. Governing is more a
function of bloodline strength score and consequently bloodline rank. This
would keep the munchkins from saying " I have divine wrath and therefore I am
descended directly from Michael Roele.", which, with the stress (under your
described system) being with the gaining of blood abilities, keeps it from
being "munchkinized". (And from your previous posts seems to be your
particular point of view :-) > If upon adopting your system for designating last of the line (other than
the natural, real world, one, I would go for the acquisition of a unique
ability upon gaining "proper" status that is only passed to children/heirs
and If they happen to gain their own "proper" status this unique ability is
lost in favor of their own.>Sounds good, but still needs a little tweeking :)