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Thread: Noble Election

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    Noble Election

    At 06:46 PM 4/3/97 -0500, (
    >Why don't the nobles get together and elect a new king like france did after
    >the carolingian dynasty died out. civil war does no good. It stops trade and
    >wealth from coming in. Inm sure real nobles would rather have a steady cash
    >flow to spend on clothes than on war. Overall its a a very well made game i
    >enjoy it.

    I think the setting of BR is more like Dark Ages England. Each Noble sees
    themselves as the only one worthy of the throne, and all the power(and
    wealth)it bestows. With the untimely loss of thier young Emperor they where
    unprepared for such a major change in rulership. Muck with this up with
    multiple heirs, each with a claim to the throne. You get trouble. No one
    wants to be rash, but need, and desire force many to take action. Before
    long you have war. If the conditions remain right, this state of war could
    continue forever. Just ask the Bosnians, and the Serbs(sorry for any
    misspells there), they have been fighting for hundreds of years. With a few
    extra trouble makers thrown in(ie. Gorgon, etc.), the Empire may be trapped
    in a downward spiral. Never to be realized again.

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    Noble Election

    That would be sad if the empire was never unified under a mighty ruler again.

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