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necessarily designate a particular bloodline strength score ("major
bloodline, sounds cool but does that mean I get one point or two if I kill
this guy?...Gee Bob I don't know :))


Then again, with the blood ability acquisition table being as written (Which
I do plan on altering it, if for other reasons) any scion of andurias can
claim a shred of the Roele Bloodline due to the similar powers...The only way
that there would be any hard and fast evidence to convince a skeptical Darien
Avan, Gavin Taele, or Aeric Boeruine (in your system) would be that if a
particular "proper" bloodline were to exhibit a unique blood ability (which
on retrospect does not seem such a bad idea) that is not duplicated with any
other "proper" bloodline. And, also, given that there are artificial means
to gain blood abilities/bloodstrength (read sielshegh gems) this would also
muddy the waters so to speak. If upon adopting your system for designating
last of the line (other than the natural, real world, one, I would go for the
acquisition of a unique ability upon gaining "proper" status that is only
passed to children/heirs and If they happen to gain their own "proper" status
this unique ability is lost in favor of their own.

Sounds good, but still needs a little tweeking :)

MemnochSubj: Who will Aubrae Avan marry?
Date: 97-03-20 13:04:27 EST
From: ISoler jr

has anyone married Aubrae Avan in the Sword and Crown adventure-its listed
there as one of the posssibilities.... if not what regent has enough
prestige/good bloodline/powerful country to be eligible to marry
her?......Will the husband to be have to come from the Anduiras
bloodline?.... Is there ever going to be anything official?... after all
she's already 25 years old she going to have to get married sooner or
later......just imagine if she married the Mhor's son.......or Diem's son(if
he has one)....... or better yet what if she marries Boeruine son?......

let me know what you think.....

ISoler jr Subj: Re:Bloodlines/Hereditary-123
Date: 97-03-20 21:35:46 EST
From: Silveras

Memnoch writes:
So let me see if I have the gist of your concept correct (using the
Darien/Abruae angle). Darien Avan (Andurias, Great/74) has a daughter Abruae
(also Andurias, Great/74). Now as it stands, Abruae has the "proper"
Andurias-Avan bloodline, and she is also the last of the Andurias-Darien Avan
line. Now, being the adventurous sort she goes out and commits bloodtheft on
some unsuspecting scion(s) and her bloodstrength goes up enough to gain an
additional blood
ability, at this point, according to the way I understand your description,
she is now the proud owner of her own bloodline (Andurias-Abruae Avan line)
of which she is the "last of her line" due to the fact she has not designated
an heir or borne children and also due to the fact that Darien Avan had only
one child (according to all written accounts) he is now also the "last of his
line". Is this correct?> If so, I can see one direct result of all of this happening...any
blooded family that has adventuring scions would branch out like a hydra with
their own lines very quickly and this would give the (already overworked) DM
much more to do to in order to keep track of all of this. Now, instead
having the change in "proper" bloodline status be just with the gaining of a
new blood ability, it would be more reasonable, IMO, to assign that
distinction to the gaining of a new bloodline "rank" (i.e. moving from major
to great, great to true, etc). My reasoning in this is due to the fact that
the blood abilities of a particular "character" has nothing to do with
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