At 10:11 AM 4/1/97 PST, L. Willett(
> Well, thinking back over the prducts that I've spent money on. I always
>loved those tiny traveller books filled with encounters, npcs, equipment,
>etc - they were great, as they were fairly cheap and filled with a hundred
>different ideas to fill in a night of gaming.
> Maybe something like this can be done for BR ? A book of random

Sticking to the theme of mini-books, and Trade goods(which has been thrown
around recently), why not do a book similar to Aurora's Catalog, which was
done for the Realms. And I might point out it works well in any campaign,
but one written specifically for BR would be great. If no offical supplement
like this comes out it might be a good subject for a BR Netbook.

> BTW, thank you, Mr.Undertaker, for the info.

Your most welcome.

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