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    Ryan Raymond Behar

    Irc pbem

    hey there...I own a channel on Dalnet on IRC. It's called #AD&D_Birthright.
    If you'd like to use the channel let me know. I'd also like to play but i
    have'nt played Birthright in a while so if you would let me play i'd be
    thankful. thanx! :)

    At 11:26 AM 3/28/97 -0800, you wrote:
    >Hello My Lords
    >All your countries begin with the stats from the Ruins of
    >Empire book entries. All province loyalties are average starting off. No
    >exceptions. All must roll their own characters (see rules). Ability score
    >Modifiers do apply to experience points.
    >I'd like everyone to post actions on Monday/Tuesday and I will reply by
    >Saturday/Sunday, that way I have a week to sort out what everyone will be
    >When you send in your actions include all of these things the amount of
    >regency you want to use for a roll. Your tax levels for each turn, and the
    >court level that you will be having. I will show you all the modifiers and
    >result when I answer your moves.
    >Things will go slow if everyone role plays everything. D & D is about role
    >are all experienced players. You know what to do. Monologue your
    >encounters with NPCs and if I am impressed, I may well accept your excellent
    >story. Send a mechanical explanation for everything else.
    >Roger had this well planned out and I like it so I will use it.
    >Treaties or agreements must include a 1gb charge for diplomacy.
    >Accounting. Each of you must account for GBs and RPs when submitting moves.
    >An example is this...
    >Dalton of Tuornen agittates positively in the province of Haesreyen. 1rp,
    >1gb Totals now 22GB-1BG=21GB,
    >50rp-1rp = 49. See?? Always do it this way. No exceptions!
    >All starting RPS and GBS are in the suplements or Ruins of Empire. If they
    >do not appear their, use 20/20.
    >Okay? Okay! Always include your ending totals as a seperate entry. IE.
    >20GB ending season/20 Rps ending season.
    > Armies - In the book only.
    > Nations - Don't worry if you don't have a country yet. Tell me which one
    >you want. No Awnsheigh, Avanil or Boeruine. Sorry no changes or swaping,
    >all selections and assignments are final...
    > I am your DM, Michael. The rules are simple and should be easy to
    >comprehend. You all have the Birthright Sets. I will run the campaign as
    >close to the source materials as possible. There are some exceptions, and
    >their will likely be more as we progress.
    > Play statement;
    >I want to address your concerns. I am the referee or dungeon master. All I
    >do is help you all interpret the rules and resolve your actions. I have
    >engaged a consultant to help me decide the outcome of actions (an 8 year
    >veteran of the TSR systems).
    > Rules;
    >Setting - Anuire (Sorry to everybody else). There are a number of
    >countries and regent domains available. Please select from among these.
    >(Please try not to go Further west than Elinie/Osoerde/Aerenwae and no
    >Further north than Doesone. The closer the regents, the more
    >fun you could have.
    >Players - You must be a regent. Rules on regency/gold collection and
    >actions by class will be observed. Any of the Anuirean domains are fine.
    >You may assume a character, or make a new one. The choice is yours. Last
    >names are mandated for law families. Characters start at 18,000 exps. This
    >figure does not include ability score modifiers applicable to your
    >character class.
    >Brady Cantrell Aerenwe
    >Brian Logan Orthadox Imperial Temple of Halyn
    >All others are open. The will be issued on a first come first serve basis.
    >Do not reset your computer's clocks to fool me. Please list your top three
    >choices, in order of preference. Be prepared to play any of your top three
    >choices. I will resolve same top choice preferences by die roll.
    >E-Mail all moves to Inlcude the type of move,
    >description, desired affect and regency or gold spent. I will process
    >actions during the
    >week and send results by Sunday evening. Diplomacy has some special
    >features (see Diplomacy below). Sunday evening notes will contain the
    > a) Beginning Treasury
    > b) Beginning Regency Pool
    > c) Moves results and debits to Regency and Treasury
    > d) Current Diplomacy offers.
    > e) Events occuring in your kingdom
    > f) next season's random event
    > g) next season's taxes collected and regency (At your assigned tax
    > method)
    > h) Any delayed Diplomacy results
    > i) Current review of provinces where you maintain holdings.
    >Address - While playing please address each other by character name.
    >Annonymity is to be preserved and unified address maintained. Please
    >address me as Michael. An example address is "Caern of Mieres" or "Kaelin
    >of the
    >Heartlands Exchange," "Darian De Enlien of the Star of Sarimie," or "Mad
    >Maeve, wizardress of the Marshes." This is cumbersome, but avoids
    >misunderstandings. Any actions which do not include proper address must be
    >voided. Please be careful.
    >Moves - We will process one season per week. This includes three domain
    >turns. please list your moves with contingencies based on failure or other
    >character' s actions. As you may or may not know what other players are
    >doing, don't worry about this too much.
    >Diplomacy - Do not E-Mail the other players. This is entirely unfair to
    >the others. Diplomacy calls for a gold bar and a random role. Collusion
    >is expected, but only as a result of diplomacy. Diplomacy should be
    >included in your normal moves. I will forward your request to the charcter
    >and they will respond by the next friday. You will know for the following
    >Sunday. Therefore, Diplomacy has become a three season process. Season
    >one - Propose, Season two - Accept/refuse and Season three -
    >War - Is ugly by E-Mail. You will all give me your objectives and
    >strategy, units involved and special features. I will thereafter resolve
    >the combat. I use the War Machine, not the cards. I will do whatever is
    >possible to insure the best representation for both sides. Special War
    >E-Mails will be issued to inform the involved parties of results. Please
    >be ready if you have War declared upon you or of you declare war on
    >someone. This will involve special attention. If you are unavailable for
    >moves, your leitentants will take action on your behalf, in what they feel
    >is the best fashion. (I am negotiable on this point, but I hate to stall
    >the group on this point.)
    > Exceptions -
    > I like Rogers rule here so I will continue it use in my game.
    > Law Holdings and tax collection - All tax is collected by law holdings.
    > Therefore everyone with law holdings can collect tax. Here's the tricky
    > part. Bhaine in Taeghas is a 6 province. Boeruine has 2, Taeghas has 2
    > and Avanil has 2. Who collects the tax? Equal split 3 ways on tax.
    > Period. Tuornen has 3 and Avanil 2 in a 5 province. Tuornen takes all.
    > Avanil can challenge against the challenging table 18A in the rules book,
    > but that is it. Challenging also immediately alerts Tuornen to the
    > Avanese's presence. Tuornen can resist with regency and Avanil can
    > accomplish with additional regency. If this does not sound fair, please
    > let me know. Temples and guilds are unaffected.
    > Holdings and classes - Here is an unfortunate double standard. Fighter
    > regents CANNOT own temple or guild holdings. Prelates and Guild Masters or
    > can own law holdings, but not guild (Prelate) or temple (Guild Master)
    > holdings. For a non-Priest to gain control of a temple holding, the
    > Fighter, Thief or Regent must install a lietenant Priest to run the
    > Religion as a regent whom they can demand tribute from. Tribute can be
    > anything arranged between the two. The regent can do this with existing
    > Temple or Guild Regents. This overcomes an unfortunate shortfall legally.
    > This is all I can think of now. Please let me know if anyone
    > has any questions. I am eager to hear your feedback.
    > I am hoping to have everyones characters and be ready to begin by this
    >coming Monday. Enjoy.
    > P.S. Does anyone want to have an Internet Relay Chat Conference? We
    > could set a place and time for a "Chat." MPGN has some good chat rooms as
    > part of their software. Please let me know.
    > Michael
    >************************************************* **************************
    >>'unsubscribe birthright' as the body of the message.

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    Irc pbem

    At 11:37 PM 3/28/97 -0500, you wrote:
    >hey there...I own a channel on Dalnet on IRC. It's called #AD&D_Birthright.
    >If you'd like to use the channel let me know. I'd also like to play but i
    >have'nt played Birthright in a while so if you would let me play i'd be
    >thankful. thanx! :)
    Well you have the rules so far and I'd love to have you play just send in
    your character and about 3 countries in Anuire that you might like to play.


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