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>>6) Tighmaevril
>> Why was this elven smith busy creating this metal 2000 years ago ?.
>> From all the references the only extra effect off tighmaevril seems to
>> the transfer of bloodstrength. Now this is strange, the elf makes his
>> swords 2000 years ago and 1500 years ago suddenly these weapons get
>> enhanced because they are made from tighmaevril. Why did he make them
>> at all ???
>Thats a good question. Prehaps Mr. Baker will address this one?

Okay, I'll take a quick stab at it. Ghoigwnnwd created the tighmaevril alloy
about 500 years before Deismaar simply because tighmaevril was a magical
alloy that took enchantments exceedingly well. All the tighmaevril weapons
are enchanted, after all. Tighmaevril's unusual properties concerning
bloodlines were frankly serendipitous to its original purpose--making good
weapons. The first metalworking done on Earth was with copper...but no one in
3000 BC would have suspected that you could generate an electrical current by
passing a copper wire through a magnetic field.

Rich Baker
Birthright Designer