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    Since Roger doesn't seem to be able to run a play by mail game I
    would like to try anyone interested please send me mail not the list.

    Thank you.


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    Ryan Raymond Behar



    I've never played a PBEM b4 but I've played on IRC and tabletop b4.
    I'd like to give it a try. Just reply me with the details. thanx

    At 10:31 PM 3/27/97 -0800, you wrote:
    > Since Roger doesn't seem to be able to run a play by mail game I
    >would like to try anyone interested please send me mail not the list.
    >Thank you.
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    >>'unsubscribe birthright' as the body of the message.

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    In a message dated 97-03-28 04:13:07 EST, you write:

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    Hello My Lords

    All your countries begin with the stats from the Ruins of
    Empire book entries. All province loyalties are average starting off. No
    exceptions. All must roll their own characters (see rules). Ability score
    Modifiers do apply to experience points.
    I'd like everyone to post actions on Monday/Tuesday and I will reply by
    Saturday/Sunday, that way I have a week to sort out what everyone will be doing.

    When you send in your actions include all of these things the amount of
    regency you want to use for a roll. Your tax levels for each turn, and the
    court level that you will be having. I will show you all the modifiers and
    result when I answer your moves.

    Things will go slow if everyone role plays everything. D & D is about role You
    are all experienced players. You know what to do. Monologue your
    encounters with NPCs and if I am impressed, I may well accept your excellent
    story. Send a mechanical explanation for everything else.

    Roger had this well planned out and I like it so I will use it.
    Treaties or agreements must include a 1gb charge for diplomacy.
    Accounting. Each of you must account for GBs and RPs when submitting moves.
    An example is this...
    Dalton of Tuornen agittates positively in the province of Haesreyen. 1rp,
    1gb Totals now 22GB-1BG=21GB,
    50rp-1rp = 49. See?? Always do it this way. No exceptions!
    All starting RPS and GBS are in the suplements or Ruins of Empire. If they
    do not appear their, use 20/20.
    Okay? Okay! Always include your ending totals as a seperate entry. IE.
    20GB ending season/20 Rps ending season.

    Armies - In the book only.

    Nations - Don't worry if you don't have a country yet. Tell me which one
    you want. No Awnsheigh, Avanil or Boeruine. Sorry no changes or swaping,
    all selections and assignments are final...

    I am your DM, Michael. The rules are simple and should be easy to
    comprehend. You all have the Birthright Sets. I will run the campaign as
    close to the source materials as possible. There are some exceptions, and
    their will likely be more as we progress.

    Play statement;

    I want to address your concerns. I am the referee or dungeon master. All I
    do is help you all interpret the rules and resolve your actions. I have
    engaged a consultant to help me decide the outcome of actions (an 8 year
    veteran of the TSR systems).

    Setting - Anuire (Sorry to everybody else). There are a number of
    countries and regent domains available. Please select from among these.
    (Please try not to go Further west than Elinie/Osoerde/Aerenwae and no
    Further north than Doesone. The closer the regents, the more
    fun you could have.
    Players - You must be a regent. Rules on regency/gold collection and
    actions by class will be observed. Any of the Anuirean domains are fine.
    You may assume a character, or make a new one. The choice is yours. Last
    names are mandated for law families. Characters start at 18,000 exps. This
    figure does not include ability score modifiers applicable to your
    character class.

    Brady Cantrell Aerenwe
    Brian Logan Orthadox Imperial Temple of Halyn

    All others are open. The will be issued on a first come first serve basis.
    Do not reset your computer's clocks to fool me. Please list your top three
    choices, in order of preference. Be prepared to play any of your top three
    choices. I will resolve same top choice preferences by die roll.
    E-Mail all moves to Inlcude the type of move,
    description, desired affect and regency or gold spent. I will process
    actions during the
    week and send results by Sunday evening. Diplomacy has some special
    features (see Diplomacy below). Sunday evening notes will contain the

    a) Beginning Treasury
    b) Beginning Regency Pool
    c) Moves results and debits to Regency and Treasury
    d) Current Diplomacy offers.
    e) Events occuring in your kingdom
    f) next season's random event
    g) next season's taxes collected and regency (At your assigned tax
    h) Any delayed Diplomacy results
    i) Current review of provinces where you maintain holdings.

    Address - While playing please address each other by character name.
    Annonymity is to be preserved and unified address maintained. Please
    address me as Michael. An example address is "Caern of Mieres" or "Kaelin
    of the
    Heartlands Exchange," "Darian De Enlien of the Star of Sarimie," or "Mad
    Maeve, wizardress of the Marshes." This is cumbersome, but avoids
    misunderstandings. Any actions which do not include proper address must be
    voided. Please be careful.

    Moves - We will process one season per week. This includes three domain
    turns. please list your moves with contingencies based on failure or other
    character' s actions. As you may or may not know what other players are
    doing, don't worry about this too much.

    Diplomacy - Do not E-Mail the other players. This is entirely unfair to
    the others. Diplomacy calls for a gold bar and a random role. Collusion
    is expected, but only as a result of diplomacy. Diplomacy should be
    included in your normal moves. I will forward your request to the charcter
    and they will respond by the next friday. You will know for the following
    Sunday. Therefore, Diplomacy has become a three season process. Season
    one - Propose, Season two - Accept/refuse and Season three -

    War - Is ugly by E-Mail. You will all give me your objectives and
    strategy, units involved and special features. I will thereafter resolve
    the combat. I use the War Machine, not the cards. I will do whatever is
    possible to insure the best representation for both sides. Special War
    E-Mails will be issued to inform the involved parties of results. Please
    be ready if you have War declared upon you or of you declare war on
    someone. This will involve special attention. If you are unavailable for
    moves, your leitentants will take action on your behalf, in what they feel
    is the best fashion. (I am negotiable on this point, but I hate to stall
    the group on this point.)

    Exceptions -
    I like Rogers rule here so I will continue it use in my game.
    Law Holdings and tax collection - All tax is collected by law holdings.
    Therefore everyone with law holdings can collect tax. Here's the tricky
    part. Bhaine in Taeghas is a 6 province. Boeruine has 2, Taeghas has 2
    and Avanil has 2. Who collects the tax? Equal split 3 ways on tax.
    Period. Tuornen has 3 and Avanil 2 in a 5 province. Tuornen takes all.
    Avanil can challenge against the challenging table 18A in the rules book,
    but that is it. Challenging also immediately alerts Tuornen to the
    Avanese's presence. Tuornen can resist with regency and Avanil can
    accomplish with additional regency. If this does not sound fair, please
    let me know. Temples and guilds are unaffected.

    Holdings and classes - Here is an unfortunate double standard. Fighter
    regents CANNOT own temple or guild holdings. Prelates and Guild Masters or
    can own law holdings, but not guild (Prelate) or temple (Guild Master)
    holdings. For a non-Priest to gain control of a temple holding, the
    Fighter, Thief or Regent must install a lietenant Priest to run the
    Religion as a regent whom they can demand tribute from. Tribute can be
    anything arranged between the two. The regent can do this with existing
    Temple or Guild Regents. This overcomes an unfortunate shortfall legally.

    This is all I can think of now. Please let me know if anyone
    has any questions. I am eager to hear your feedback.

    I am hoping to have everyones characters and be ready to begin by this
    coming Monday. Enjoy.

    P.S. Does anyone want to have an Internet Relay Chat Conference? We
    could set a place and time for a "Chat." MPGN has some good chat rooms as
    part of their software. Please let me know.


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    >HEY! HEY! Don't slam Roger here! He is doing the best he can. He has a job
    >and a family and is probably trying to juggle an enjoyable hobby on the side.
    >So don't be so crude by saying "Roger doesn't seem to be able to run a play
    >by mail game." I am sure Roger is fully "able". He is just busy and would
    >have been wiser not to make such a commitment.

    I didn't mean it as a slam I realized it sounded really bad after I had sent
    it Roger I am sorry for sounding bad. Verrucht the reason I had posted it
    is because he said that he had personal thing he might need to attend to so
    I am offering to run something instead of him having such a great burden.


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    Trevor Romkey


    I'd be interested in playing Roesone, Diemed, Brosengae, and Aernewe in that

    let me now which one is OK...


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    I would be interested in playing a pbem.

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    Robert Ripley


    > ***
    > Is anyone running a PBEM game out there? (Play By Email)

    I am just starting up a PBeM Birthright game if you or anyone else is
    interested. What I am trying
    to do is get the entire southern marches player controlled with the
    exception of Ghoere and the
    Spiderfell. Those that e-mail me first will get their choice of any of
    the southern marches rulers,
    guilders, templars and source wizards.

    complete rules and domain info will be e-mailed to you as well as the
    address to the game's web page.

    Bob R.

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