On: Tuesday, March 25, 1997 11:49 PM
Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Regional products

David Zenz wrote:
> I was wondering about certain products that could be considered
> "regional" or perhaps cultural as far as the manufacture. Let me
> explain. In the real world France is known for wine, Scotland for wool,
> Portugal for fine ceramic tiles, etc... In the Birthright setting where
> are the best horses bred? Where is the place to seek fine carpets? If a
> PC wanted to purchase a cloak would he buy from a Brechtur merchant or a
> Rjurik trader? Falcons are found in Khinasi? Vosgaard? The Elven
> kingdoms? What sort of products do you use in your campaigns? Perhaps
> we could start a list?

Heres the start of a List, I know there is more.
Birthright - Regional Products
Cariele Lumber
Coeranys Horses and Cattle
Dhoesone Wool based Goods, Furs, Lumber
Elinie Cattle and Horses
Ghoere Steel, Grain and Sheep
Mhoried Freshwater Fish,Game, Crops?, Wool, and Mutton
Osoerde Horses and Cattle
Rosone Grains(Barley,Wheat and Corn)
Talinie Harwood Lumber and Coal
Tuarhievel Weapons,Armor,Musical Instruments,Wood Carvings and
Tuornen Lumber, Furniture,Gold,Silver, Coal, Beer and Ale

Eric Tighe