> So how does an Elven-ruler compete against his human moneywise
> neighbour ?

I'd say he doesn't. Why would he need money? The army ought to be cheap
for elves and only limited by potential population (longer lifespan and
hostile surrondings would probably make every elven citizena a soldier). As
far as expansion of domain levels, new holdings etc, since elves do get SOME
money, they simply have to do this gradually and one at a time. Given the
long lifespan of elves, this would seem like a natural thing to do anyway...
>2) Investiture
> As elves do not have gods and priests how do they invest heirs,
> vassals or conquered human lands ?

Given their close ties with the land, they can probably do this without a
priest. For vassalage, they probably simply appoint someone. For conquered
lands, they would have to make the land "Elvish" again by removing cities,
ports, roads etc (maybe not small villages). Of course, this would
depopulate the lands, but I don't see why would an Elf wish to rule over

>3) Ships
> Do elves build (wooden) ships and if so which types ?

Probably few, mostly larger boats. Just because they have respect for
nature doesn't mean they are fanatical about trees. They probably cut some
trees down to allow other trees to grow. Their skills with bow and arrow
would not be so developed if they couldn't make them out of strongest
trees-and such trees will have to be harvested. On the other hand, they do
not seem like people interested in sea-travel.

>4) Troops
> Can elves and other non-human races build troops from the first
> general list ? If so all (Elven Artillery) or just a few (Elven
> Scouts) ?

I would argue against artillery, levies, irregulars and pikemen, and would
allow any Elven unit to perform as scouts. Don't forget that they have
superior sight and hearing, greater dexterity as well as ability to pass
over most terrains. If you find this unbalancing, perhaps unit designated to
scout would be unable to fight or would do so with penalties (no heavy
weapons or armor).

>5) Rangers
> Do elven rangers get to cast priest spells from animal and plant, and
> if so why/how ?

I would allow them to do so, but not all spells. This ability comes as a
result of Elf's tie to the nature, and should not be considered spellcasting
in RP terms. Rather, elf realizes he can communicate with birds or entangle
opponents if he concentrates.

>6) Tighmaevril
> Why was this elven smith busy creating this metal 2000 years ago ?.
> From all the references the only extra effect off tighmaevril seems to be
> the transfer of bloodstrength. Now this is strange, the elf makes his
> swords 2000 years ago and 1500 years ago suddenly these weapons get
> enhanced because they are made from tighmaevril. Why did he make them
> at all ???

In my campaign, it is required to make +5 weapons-no other metal will do
(I assign bonuses to specific metals-an idea from Rolemaster). Why would the
blacksmith make them? Find an answer that fits your campaign. It could be
because it can be enchanted, because it has special properties related to
mebhaigl, because it was a challenge...In my campaign, Ghoigwnnwd (ah, the
musicality of elven tongue :) ) is based on Eol, the dark elf blacksmith
from "Silmarillion", so maybe you could look there. It is a great source for
RPing Birthright Elves...

>7) Does the Birthright principle of provinces extend in 3D ?
> When dwarves or orogs have extensive caverns and population
> underground does this population and their organisation affect the
> surface. I.e. An dwarven population of 50000 beneath the city of
> anuire has guilds and temples. Is the maximum level in the city
> affected by these temples, guilds, law, and population.
> The question applies to sources ?
I would say no, if they have no relations with the outside world. On the
other hand, dwarf city extending many miles underground in dwarwen mountains
is one holding and should be given higher level (perhaps 6 or 7) even though
mountains can't support it normally. Sources, on the other hand, would
probably go down-after all, land is being affected. I would guess that 50000
dwarwes tunneling and burrowing will impede the flow of magic in the area...