>Your Master List of Holdings sounds like a very useful item. What did
>you do it in ? (Excel, Word etc) and have you considered posting it to
>the list?

It is extremely useful. First of all, I can quickly reference all of
any individual's holdings, sort them by type or country, or whatever.
Secondly, I can sort for all the holdings in a given area, Domain or

So, for instance, the player who, in my campaign, is the Duke of
Tuornen can easily see who controls what in his country.

Also, the player who runs Endier can see everything he controls, most
of which is *not* in Endier. I've created a Domain Summary spreadsheet
for each regent that describes all thier holdings, what the taxation or
collection rates are, what Armed Units they have and in which provinces
they are, how much everything costs, all thier regency and gold, both
earned this turn, saved up from before, and what they spent it on this
turn. And a record of all thier Actions for the turn, what type of
action it is, how much gold and regency they spent on it and whether
they succeeded.

So on the front of this sheet I print all the above information, and on
the back I print all the Holdings in thier Country and who owns them.
Very useful.

Also, when someone like the Duke of Tuornen starts kicking people out
of his country (this makes sense if you've read the PS of Tuornen) not
only do I upgrade his holdings, I can go and downgrade Aeric Boeruine's
holdings as appropriate. I don't know how all the other GM's keep track
of this stuff. . .scribble in thier Ruins of Empire book? Blech.

And I've done it in ClarisWorks, a Mac spreadsheet. However, since I'm
on a Mac, I can convert the file into any other type of file, for a
Wintel machine or almost any other platform. However I've seen the
Moderator of this List mentioning that people have complained to him
about people posting large files on the List. And this is a LARGE
file. Additionally, I think it'd probably be illegal. If you had this
file, you'd have 90% of the info in the Birthright boxed set.