Thank you for all the commens on the dwarven dexterity problem.
At this time one of my players who reads the digest has asked me to post
some questions regarding to elves.

1) A material world
Cerillia is a very material world where money speaks. Nearly every
order requires GB. The elven sociey is not money-oriented. Low-law=>
light or no taxes, no road (requires the cutting of trees and gives
access to ancient forest)=> no trade roues and self sufficient => no
So how does an Elven-ruler compete against his human moneywise
neighbour ?

2) Investiture
As elves do not have gods and priests how do they invest heirs,
vassals or conquered human lands ?

3) Ships
Do elves build (wooden) ships and if so which types ?

4) Troops
Can elves and other non-human races build troops from the first
general list ? If so all (Elven Artillery) or just a few (Elven
Scouts) ?

5) Rangers
Do elven rangers get to cast priest spells from animal and plant, and
if so why/how ?

6) Tighmaevril
Why was this elven smith busy creating this metal 2000 years ago ?.
From all the references the only extra effect off tighmaevril seems to be
the transfer of bloodstrength. Now this is strange, the elf makes his
swords 2000 years ago and 1500 years ago suddenly these weapons get
enhanced because they are made from tighmaevril. Why did he make them
at all ???
Either tighmaevril weapons need an automatic plus +x on attack or
damage roll or it seems that the elves had had enough of those pesky
humans with their priestly magic and needed some swords which were
capable and specially crafted to murder the human gods.

7) Does the Birthright principle of provinces extend in 3D ?
When dwarves or orogs have extensive caverns and population
underground does this population and their organisation affect the
surface. I.e. An dwarven population of 50000 beneath the city of
anuire has guilds and temples. Is the maximum level in the city
affected by these temples, guilds, law, and population.
The question applies to sources ?

These questions come to you by courtesy of

Tony Lemmers, a humble elf ruler who tries to stay afloat
(Luctor et Emergo)

& Jan Arnoldus
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mankind from the Shadow.
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