Hey, right here on page 13 of my Ruins of Empire book, it says that
Guilder Kalien controlls a Temple (3) in the province of Ciliene in

This *must* be a typo and I am reading it as such. Apparently there's
a tab missing, because that Province already has all it's Temple
holdings controlled by an actual church and there are exactly 3 levels
of Guild holdings in that province unaccounted for. And it's the only
province in Diemed that *doesn't* have all it's Guild levels accounted

I noticed this because a player of mine is regent of Endier and I went
to my Master List of Holdings (A database into which I entered EVERY
SINGLE holding from every single province of every single domain in
Anuire, the province's rating, and who controls it. . .it's very large)
and sorted by Regent and noticed a "Temple" holding under Guilder

Fear me. . .I have too much time on my hands.