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    Jan P. M. Arnoldus

    Birthright [Bloodstrength]

    I've tried to send this message before but it seems to have gone astray.
    I wondered if anybody would care to comment on these thougts about
    bloodstrength and procreation.

    I've just started DMing an Birthright Campaign and I still have some
    questions about bloodstrength.
    What I would like to know is how does bloodstrength get passed on to
    children? With this I do not mean the simple
    Strchild=(Strfather+Strmother)/2 formula that is given in the rulebook.
    I am talking about the question why a lot of the big evil Awnsheglien
    don't already have a bloodstrength of 200+. In my view a truly evil
    Awnsheg could charm a minor blooded male character and have him perform
    as a stud. When the babies are born the Awnsheh would just kill them and
    voila extra strength.
    I think that in my own campaign I'll probably rule that most of those
    truly evil Awnshehlien who would be interested in these practices are
    infertile themselves and that there has to be some true feelings of
    "love" between both partners to create a blooded child.
    This means that a character who is charmed wouldn't pass on his
    bloodline. It also has some ramifications in truly diplomatical marriages
    between regents of course.

    But this got me thinking about the moment when a character gets his
    bloodstrength. Does the bloodstrength manifaests itself at birth or does
    the unborn child already have it.
    If the unborn child has it, it opens up al kind of nasty plotlines.
    ( Remember the tighmaevril knitting needles our famous elven smith made
    for his wife, what would happen if they were used in an abortion.)

    Another question on the matter of bloodstrength is the additional effect
    of sielshegh gems. As I read the book I take it to mean that only a
    character of the right bloodline for the gem recieves the extra
    bloodstrength points. Is this correct? I wonder as this is the only time
    a characters derivation has an impact on the bloodstrength.
    (The sielshegh stones also offer nice plotlines. One of my players is
    going to unknowingly come into contact with one of them. Them he's going
    to transport himself to the other end of the world using his additional
    travel ability, which will disappear after the 24 hours are over.)

    Greetings Jan Arnoldus
    ************************************************** ***********************
    Let the arm of the Lord of the Dawn shelter us from the Dark, and the
    great sword of justice defend us. Let the Dragon ride again on the winds
    of time.
    (Charal Drianaan te Calamon, the Cycle of the Dragon)

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    Sean Brown

    Birthright [Bloodstrength]

    From what I understand, most bloodline (hereditary) power usually
    manifest themselves around adolescence (10-13). No this isn't out of
    the rule books, but it is something I gleaned from the novels. This
    is not to say that an exceptionally strong bloodline may not manifest

    And as for the sielshegh, they are specific for each bloodline. The
    stones for one bloodline won't work for someone of a different


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