On a sunny afternoon, someone knocks at your room's door. In glides a
red pointed hat with nothing underneath but two sparkling points
resembling eyes ...
A scroll tube appeares on the floor beneath it and without uttering a
word it glides out again and dissapears.

The tube is sealed with a seal you do not recognize and the scroll
contained therein reads:

Esteemed Lord/Lady,
would you please excuse the method of deliverment of this letter if
it has startled you. I felt that it would be the most private way. Oh,
and excuse me for not introducing myself. I am Galen Gloreanon
Courtmagician of Mieres, who would like to present the first
part of my writings regarding the fair land of Mieres to you. May it
show you the way to understand the land and its new ruler Caldoun
better and further relations with your country and our. Please also
remember that most of the information presented in my writings (OOC:
which are downloadable from
ftp://ftp.mpgn.com/Gaming/ADND/Worlds/BirthRight/ in the form of a
pkzipped MS Word document) is to be regarded as strictly confidential.

Yours humbly,
(aka Wolfgang)