I'm currently running a Birthright Campaign in San Diego. This is what I
found. Page 24 of Ruins of Empire(R.E.) states that Bannier Andien(B.A.) is
based in Dhoesone. Again R.E., pg. 50, the Dhoesone domain list the stats for
Bannier Andien(MA;T7;An,minor,21;LE)
Page 60 of R.E. mentions him having holdings in dhoesone, and notes other
holding on the Western Coast & Heartlands_(misprint I Think). If you look at
page 31 the summary of West Coast only list B.A as haveing more holdings in
the Northlands. Which the province stats seem to support.
Page 47 of R.E. mentions the holdings in Alamie but these are never
mentioned in the Alamie Domain. In my opinion page 47 and page 60 are just
TSR's online (www.tsrinc.com) site has no published Erratta for Birthright.
E-Mail them (TSRinc@aol.com) and maybe they will post somthing some day.
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