I felt the need to interject something in regards to some of the posts the
past several days. Please, if anyone thinks that someone is commiting an
honest repeated violation of List rules, drop me a *personal* e-mail, and I
will take appropriate action. Sometimes accidents, or lapses in protocol,
will happen. In those times we should be patient, and only if the problem
persists should we take offense. I know everyone wants to preserve the
integrity of the List, but we need to keep from becoming over zealous. All
of us are only Human. I want to just make one more quick point, several
posts recently contained Attached Files. While these don't pose a major
problem, please keep from sending such files to the entire List. Attached
Files should only be sent in personal e-mails. I think I've harped enough,
so lets move on, and thanks for your time.

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