>Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 17:44:41 +0000
>From: "Seb Berendse"
>Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Mass Combat????
>What are the average scales of wars fought by you regents?
>We had a battle recently (one of two, one has to be done next
>session) wich was MAYOR! some 5,000 men in total, and one of some
>2,500 to come. Guess what kind of war it was?
>After the many GB spent, we made it the nice 'little' civil war of
>My question was (since the bloke who wrote the article on dwarves
>talked about a huge clash with only 14 units, we had some 20 to 25 in
>total) how large are your average battles?

An average battle, between two regents, should, in my opinion, consist
of roughly 12 units total. This is based off the average number of
Units a regent would have.
A war between Beoruine and Avanil, two of the most heavily armed
Domains in Cerilia, would total 57 units. Most regents have far, far
fewer Units, many having none at all. There are only 149 units in *all*
of Anuire, according to the Ruins of Empire booklet (i just added it
up). That's 9 units per domain on average. That drops to, like, 2
units per domain if you remove Avanil, Beoruine, and The Gorgon's Crown.
Secondly, those 14 units were fighting over a *single city*, not a
province or domain.