At 05:45 PM 3/13/97 AST, Sean Brown(brownds@TUPMCMS1.MED.DAL.CA)wrote:
>Undertaker wrote:
>> What I have done to solve this problem is this: If a PC gets an 18 Str. they
>> can boost thier Stamina, or Muscle exceptional roll, up by 20%(10% per
>> point). Instead of adding up to 2 points straight to the 18 giving you a 19,
>> or 20, bypassing the exceptional percentage all together. Note that a PC can
>> still get above 18/00 if they roll thier exceptional percentage high enough.
>> Just change every additional 10% back in to 1 point, and add it on. In the
>> end you could still have a PC with a 20 Muscle, but its a lot less likely.
>Actually, what had happened was that the character had rolled an 18
>for the stat (and yes, I only use 3D6) and with the bonus for being a
>dwarf (+2 if I recall, I don't have my book here), so therefore, the
>20. Do you mean that in this case, the character would get an 18,
>then the normal percentage roll plus 20% for the plus 2? Just
>curious for next time...

Thats it exactly. Of course in my explanation above I was thinking of the
standard procedure in S&P for determining subabilities. But again any racial
bonus to Strength should always convert over into percentage points(each +1
= +10%), when the 18 mark is hit. At least until you reach 18/00. When using
S&P, the PC has to decide which subability is getting the racial bonus,
before actually rolling the dice for it. All of this is IMHO, of course.

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