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>At 09:29 PM 3/12/97 AST, Sean Brown(brownds@TUPMCMS1.MED.DAL.CA)wrote:
>>In the campaign that I run, we also use the "Skills and Powers"
>>In our campaign I have to deal with a dwarven fighter/priest
>>with a 20 muscle (ack!) Not the easiest thing in the world to
>>find a foe for him while not slagging the rest of the party.
I use the Players Option Books, but not the Subabilities. They simply
permit too much munchkin min/maxing. I would only use Subabilities if I did
not permit any PC to have a starting ability stat over 16. That way the
only way to get an exceptional (18) stat would be to reduce the other factor
to 14, making it generally unexceptional for providing bonus modifiers to
rolls etc. (although still above average).

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