At 10:28 PM 3/12/97 -0400, Cec Stacey(
>When you get your adventure written up, email me a copy. Your second
>idea about the beholders was actually a pretty good idea. When I put
>the original "How the Hell Could A Beholder Use Sources If They Aren't
>Blooded?" post up, I knew someone would come up with an excuse. I just
>didn't expect such a good one!

Thanks for the kind words. As soon as I have the entire adventure scenario
worked out I'll gladly send you a copy. This goes for anyone else as well.
Just send me a *private* e-mail to let me know your interested. If enough
people want to see the finished product I'll post it to the list. I can tell
you this much already. The primary villian will be the Awnshegh, the
Beholder, her hive will control the small tribe of Dopplegangers. The tribe
works to help secure Sources for her. They do this by slowly getting close
to the Mages of various Realms, and studying them. Once they are sure they
can mimic them perfectly they step in, and replace him. In place the
creature starts undermining the political structure of the country, in order
to keep everyone's attention elsewhere, unlikely to notice the imposter.
Until of course someone does, and then the PCs find out the true masterminds
behind the invasion. The Gauth Beholder-Mage(actually an Elder Orb)will make
itself known at one point, and offer a deal to help the PCs defeat the
Beholder. This EO will have the ability to drain, and use, Source energy. So
he will of course have an agenda of its own. I know this is just a
collection of various thoughts from all the past posts, but I wanted to put
together a clear picture of where I'm going with this. Once again if anyone
has any comments, or suggestions feel free.

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