I just wanted to take a quick moment to say something as List Monitor. I
hope everyone is enjoying the List as much as I am, and I hope we can all
work together to keep it in the spirit it is intended. Please if anyone has
a problem with something posted on the List, be it offensive, or in
violation of any of the List rules, contact me by *personal* e-mail, and I
will take appropriate actions. I feel this will keep us from causing any
"hurt" feelings, and lessens the chance of a Flame war. I know this has not
ever been a problem on this List, and I'm sure it never has to be. I just
want everyone to know if they have a problem with something on the List they
can sound off(to me), without risking making the problem worse. This in no
way means people can not make constructive critisims. That is one of the
main purposes of this List, feedback. Well enough of my rambling, thank you
for your time.

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