At 09:29 PM 3/12/97 AST, Sean Brown(brownds@TUPMCMS1.MED.DAL.CA)wrote:
>In the campaign that I run, we also use the "Skills and Powers"

>In our campaign I have to deal with a dwarven fighter/priest
>with a 20 muscle (ack!) Not the easiest thing in the world to
>find a foe for him while not slagging the rest of the party.

What I have done to solve this problem is this: If a PC gets an 18 Str. they
can boost thier Stamina, or Muscle exceptional roll, up by 20%(10% per
point). Instead of adding up to 2 points straight to the 18 giving you a 19,
or 20, bypassing the exceptional percentage all together. Note that a PC can
still get above 18/00 if they roll thier exceptional percentage high enough.
Just change every additional 10% back in to 1 point, and add it on. In the
end you could still have a PC with a 20 Muscle, but its a lot less likely.

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