Here is the latest news from my campaign in the form of a newspaper avail=
in the city of Anuire for 1 SP per copy.
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Southern Anuire News. Issue 8 (Emmanir / 568 MR.)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel
=46rom her Imperial City offices.

Produced once every three months
Correspondents include:
Medoere - Aeric Gallant
Roesone - Roesone Intel
Diemed - Kalin Sufgaer
Endier - Caine the wizard.
Avanil - Stephanie Vaumel
Anuire - Stephanie Vaumel
Ghoere - Paeghen Valesie

* Correspondents are required from other kingdoms, pay is 10 gp/month.

Erntenir 568

The regent has returned to Medoere after his trip to the east last month.=
is believed to have visited several lands including Osoerde, Coeranys, an=
d the
Dwarven kingdom of Baruk - Azhik. None of these kingdoms seemed intereste=
d in
his plan to bring peace and order to Anuire however.

The regent Farrel Kawn has returned in triumph from Baruk - Azhik this mo=
after aiding the beleaguered Dwarves in their war against their Orog foes=
=2E In
return for his help the Dwarves has granted Roesone the right to trade wi=
On his return Baron Kawn announced a festival in his kingdom and disturbe=
much =

wealth amongst the people. The loyalty of the peasants is now at an all t=
high, even in the province of Ilien.

Diemed troops have been busy training with Ghoere troops this month after=
treaty announced between the two kingdom last month. Ghoere has sent seve=
of its best units of soldiers to Diemed to improve the skills of the new
armies being recruited there.
In other news the good weather that has bless the Barony over the last se=
months continues with warm sunny days. The priests of Haelyn are now clai=
that the good weather is a sign of the god pleasure in their work.

Finally after nearly 5 month things have returned to normal in the trade =
of Endier. The regent Lauriel Kalien has succeeded in restoring the citi=
place as the premier trade city on the Maesil and money is once again flo=
into the coffers of the Endier merchants. Most of the Ghoere forces based=
the province have been moved on with only those soldiers involved in buil=
the new fortress in southern Endier remain.
In other news a travelling Khinasi merchant spoke recently of seeing the
galleons still loyal to the evil monster Adu El-Hadid somewhere off to th=

Imperial City:
The royal college of sorcery has announced this week that it has finally
raised enough money to rebuild the destroyed tower. This money has been r=
by hiring out the services of the mages of the collage and by selling ent=
into the ruins of the ancient collage of sorcery. A new structure will be=

built sometime soon on a cliff over looking the sea. The area chosen is
believed to be out side the city wall to prevent accidents.
In other news a crime war has spread through the richer areas of Anuire C=
after reports of a new thieves guild setting up operations.

Little has occurred in Avanil this month. The only news of note is the
building of a new fort to house the new Avanil Royal Guard. This fort is
situated in the western province of Nentril.

The Spiderfell has been quiet this month.

Several units of Ghoere soldiers have been sent to Diemed to train that
kingdoms =

armies. There is now much talk of joint military exercises between the tw=

Other News this month:

In the kingdom of Baruk-Azhik the Dwarves are believed to have driven off=
invading Orogs with surprisingly few losses.

Several strange vessels have been seen in southern waters this month. Som=
e are
ing is a strange foreign power is threatening invasion.