"Idetta's Charm" a polished brass, silver, and bird bone flute of
Brechtish design. Dated to year 400 HC and lost off the coast of THAELE
in 1290 HC. Once owned by the Baroness of Danigau, Idetta Von Luenden.
The flute casts the following Wizard spells once per day at 8th level:
of a Bard the spells can be cast twice per day.

"Tronkia" a balalaika of Vos origin. Made from the skull of an Ogre and
painted hard wood in the colors red, green, and black. Tronkia has a
shoulder strap of Varsk leather. The balalaika dates to 1300's and is
from the domain of Rovninodensk. Who ever plays this instrument can
Detect Lies like the blood ability on p. 24 of the rule book. Who ever
plays Tronkia must forever roll a save vs Death magic when he or she
attempts to lie. Failure to save indicates the lie is transparent and
all who heard know it to be untrue. "Only truth is uttered when Tronkia

"Companion" a steel jaw harp of Halfling make. Worn and very plain.
Dates to 1100's and was last seen in the domain of Mieres. Only
functions in the hands of those of good alignment. Can play one of 2
songs per day. Song of Friendship of Man (FRIENDS Wizard spell lvl. 1)
or the Song of Friendship of the Beasts (ANIMAL FRIENDSHIP Priest spell
lvl.1). Who ever holds Companion gains a +2 reaction adjustment when
dealing with Halflings.