> It's nice to know that I'm not the one and only european in the list. I live
> in Barcelona (remember the Olympics?) and I'm the master of one Birthright
> Campaign. My players administre the beatiful domain of Roesone, and have
> played the Sword of Roele and the Sword of the Crown modules. The have
> fougth a war against Osoerde to help the rightful heir to recover their
> power (and have succeed in it), but after recovering the sword of Roele in
> the Temple of the Sun, they are in the Gorgon's point of wiew.
> Nice to meet you,
> Xavier Garriga

May I humbly bring to your attention, that there are other Europeans on
the list - least of them me (living in Vienna, Austria). We also had the
pleasure of playing those two adventures you mentioned. The Sword of Roele
was quite insidious, was it not? But Caldoun did manage to get the sword -
at great cost but he got it nevertheless! I also liked The Sword and Crown
adventure where many intrigues were wrought - though I was quite enranged,
that our LN fighter had the paladin of Haelyn assassianted to keep him

Happy gaming,