They have fougth a war against Osoerde to help the rightful heir to recover their
> power (and have succeed in it), but after recovering the sword of Roele in
> the Temple of the Sun, they are in the Gorgon's point of wiew.

We are in the proces of kicking Jason Reanech out, but the battle is
grim. We stoped our last session in the middle of a 3.000 men
battle, with one of approx 2.000 or more coming up, and the best
thing we can raise is elite infantry. I hope we can get through.

Does anyone has any advice on what a Merchant Regent from Coeranys
(representative there for Royal Guild of Baruk Azhik, I have all
holdings in Coeranys) what I could ask of Moergen for my (BIG!)
financial support and services? PLEASE HELP!!!


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Sebastiaan G.P. Berendse

There is a world just around the corner of your mind
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You may escape into it at will, you need no secret password,
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