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RobDate: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 15:31:22 -0500
To: michele@MPGN.COM
From: Michele Dipert
Subject: PRESS RELEASE for Aleria in Drakkar.

KEY WEST, FL, -Multi-Player Games Network (MPG-Net), a leader in online
multi-player games, announced today the release of Aleria, a new game
scenario for the popular Kingdom of Drakkar.

"We've done some new things in Aleria, both technically and
philosophically, that we're quite excited about" said Michele Dipert,
Director of Marketing at MPG-Net. Aleria boasts a more intricate storyline,
with quests and game play that interrelates on many levels. Players will
spend many hours exploring the immense new land, searching the Duchy of
Carenna, Tower of Koss, Borav's Hold and the sylvan forests of Hemlock for
adventure and fortune.

Aleria is the first Drakkar scenario created specifically to work with the
new Drakkar interface, which was released into beta in November of 1996. New
features include a graphical interface driven by customizable macro buttons,
a more intuitive screen layout, new graphics in new areas like Aleria, a
scrollable text window and other features designed to enhance the play of

For beginning players, the Kingdom of Drakkar is a world full of creatures
to kill and wealth to gain, often with the help of other players. As
characters increases in skill and experience, they venture further afar into
the uncharted and continually changing realms of Drakkar, alone or joining
other hardy adventurers to tackle the legendary creatures of Drakkar and
their untold riches.

Win 95 users can download the MPG-Net current roster of games, including
Aleria directly from the Internet web site at Also on
the web site are interface tours, game profiles, game manuals and other user
resources. Online products include the fantasy role-playing Kingdom of
Drakkar--"You'll find Drakkar seriously addictive," (Michael Goodwin,
Reviewer, PC World). Subscribers can also play space strategy game Imperium,
classic war game Operation Market-Garden, railroad-tycoon game Empire
Builder, the cyberpunkish Minion Hunter, Backgammon and more. Other online
features include email, chat rooms, and forums. Prices are $4.95 for the
first month and $9.95 a month thereafter. To order the software via CD,
please call MPG-Net's customer service at 305-296-6665.

MPG-Net publishes and markets next-generation interactive entertainment,
gaming systems, and software for the Internet and emerging media. MPG-Net
products can be accessed online at
Michele Dipert
Director of Marketing Services
MPG-Net, Multi-Player Games Network


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