So, I ran a session yesterday. The Gorgon did a bit of rampaging, here are
some of the consequences:

The kingdom of Cariele has ceased to exist as a political entity. Right
now, the Guildmaster of Northern Imports/Exports is occupying the land,
with the aid of Taliniean forces, and he is planning to invest himself as
the ruler of the land. All three provinces have been reuced to level 1
through pillaging by the goblin conquerors.

Mhoried has been all but destroyed. Except for the capitol, which stands
at level 4, the rest of the kingdom has been reduced to level 1 through
pillaging (and the raising of levies). It is still occupied.
The army of Mhoried (except for 2 cavalry and 2 pike) attacked an army of
3 Dwarf guards and 3 dwarf crossbow, who had been blessed (temples in
Markazor Bless 15 units of troop per domain action), and were holding a
hill province in Mhoried. Not a single Mhoried
soldier left the field alive that day, and the dwarves didn't lose a
single card.

Now, the same dwarven force holds a hill province in Elinie, allowing
forces from Markazor more-or-less free access through the kingdom.
But Elinie hasn't taken a lot of damage yet.

Tuarhievel is staying out of the war, having just repelled a giant attack
on the northern border, and a Warding spell has been cast.

The Gorgon personally led 10 undead legions through Eastern Talinie
(formerly known as Thurazor), only to be stopped at the border to Western
Talinie by a huge force of archers and knights. When his army had been
destroyed, the Gorgon chose to go home (and summon 5 units stonecrown
Talinie has lost around 70 GB in the war, but things dont look so grim for
the west coast.

Boeruine repelled a Gorgon army, but more are on the way...

The fate of Cerilia still hangs in the balance.

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Rasmus Juul Wagner
Technical University of Denmark
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