Although I didn't name every weapon in my campaign, here's an
interesting weapon I have the elves give to one of the PCs that was on
very good terms with them. It isn't too over-powerful, yet it was a
wonderful think to further the plot.

A copy of this weapon is also available on my WWW pages about
Birthright. http://www.public.iastate.edu/~pchild/bright/brhistory.html

The Mace of Elven Memory (+4):

An Elven artifact given to Lady Sif by King Ironwood during the initial
meeting of the Elves and Humans during this Age. It was a sign of
friendship between the two races. Inside was present the essence of one
of the first elves, called the Mother of Memory.
The mace has all knowledge of Elven history. It's alignment is NG and
may only be wielded and utilized by others of Elven Blood or Good
alignment. It gives the wielder a knowledge of the Elven Language as if
the wielder had been born Elven and learned the language as a youth. The
mace also acts as a +4 weapon. Due to it's unique nature, it has no Ego
even though it is considered an intelligent weapon.


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