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Thread: Weapon titles

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    Weapon titles

    I like the ideas of inventing names for the weapons produced through
    campaigns. I own most of the Birthright world but I don't have time to
    play in many campaigns, so I enjoy listening to everyone's experiences.
    I would like to see a more comprehensive list. Feel free to E-me with
    the list if you would rather.

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    Michael Andrew Cullingha

    Weapon Titles

    > In the Birthright seeting all weapons have names. I have included a list
    > of a few that I created. Perhaps others would like to list weapons and
    > magical items they created? We could build a library of these items.

    I'll add some of my own special items:

    Sheghshatten (Bloodhunter): +2 sabre regularly, +5 vs. any
    creature with blood (most living creatures, vampires).
    The sabre's blade is made of silver with flecks of red,
    and the hilt is wrapped in black leather. In my campaign,
    this weapon was found in the shadow world and has a slight
    curse: it has a tendancy to "accidently" cut its owner
    when he is sharpening it.
    Rod of Undeath: A magical rod made from a black bone with red
    runes engraved upon its length. It has the power to
    detect undead (1 charge, 1 mile radius), control undead
    (1 charge per hit die, 100' radius), and create undead
    (3 charges per hit die). Realising that this was a
    fairly powerful item, I gave it the restriction that
    it could only be recharged within a graveyard on the
    Eve of the Dead (I think this is the day), and it opens
    a portal to the shadow world while the 9 hour ceremony
    takes place. All undead within 1 mile of the portal
    in either Cerilia or the Shadow World can detect the
    presence of the rod.
    Tome of Elven Vengeance: This is a book that dates from the
    days when man first entered the lands. It is wrapped
    in the black-scaled hide of an unidentifiable creature
    and bears no other markings. An elven wizard wrote in
    it his research into summoning a powerful "demon" (a
    tarrasque), but was destroyed when he attempted to
    actually cast the spell. Knowledge of this book has
    recently come to the attention of Rhuobhe Manslayer,
    who wishes to use it to destroy all of mankind.

    That's all for now,
    - --
    Michael Cullingham

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    Xavi Garriga

    Weapon Titles

    At 23:50 22/02/97 +0900, you wrote:

    >Well here are a couple more for you.
    >The sunsword, a +3 extreamly light blue crystal long sword. It only has its
    >powers during the day, a night it is a +1 long sword. At night it is +3 and
    >glows bright blue when undead are near. Last seen in the hand of the evil
    >Awnshegh El-Hadid the flayer of minds.

    El-Hadid?, do you mean the guildmaster of Ilien?

    >Righteousness, a +2 tighmaevril shortsword, detect magic 20' radius at will.
    >Currently owned by the regent of Medoere, but sought by Darein Avan of Avanil,
    >the Spider, and various other regents.

    The Regent of Medoere got a Holy Avenger sword ("The Sword of Enlien", so
    it's said in the Book of Medoere).

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