Hail to you all fellow regents,

As a financier (=trader) of minor repute and fair wealth (some
17-20GB/DomTurn) I have decided to build a house. I stated
contruction of a nice villa by the Coerannian seaside; a villa roman
style. Since Coeranys has not such a hospitable climate for such
ventures, what additional things would you advise to make this (soon
to be) beautifull house also a pleasant one in the colder days? I had
thought of a (glass)covered patio, instead of an open aired one (or
even one with a sliding roof). And also the perystillium might be
rather cold, a spell or somehing alike from a friendly mage? Please
help me out.

Brand Wilhelm Francken,
Chairman of the Board of (1) Director of the Coerannian brand of the
Royal Guild of Baruk-Azihk
Vanquisher of the most faithfull apprentice of the Swamp Mage (I don't
know whether or not I should be proud or afraid of this last remark)
and Benificiary of the Right Cause to help Moergen reclaim his Throne


************************************************** ***************
Sebastiaan G.P. Berendse

There is a world just around the corner of your mind
where reality is an intruder and dreams come true.
You may escape into it at will, you need no secret password,
magic wand or Alladins Lamp, all you need is your own imagination...
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