I have been following the discussion of alternatives to war cards with
interest. I personally like TSR's Battle System myself. However, I have
an alternantive for naval combat as well. Avalon Hill put out a game years
ago called Trireme. It was an excellent system for ship-to-ship and fleet
warfare from ancient times to the early renaissance. Among the scenarios
included were Actium (Antony/Cloepatra vs. Octavian/Agrippa, made famous
by the movie "Cleopatra"). It had a great way to resolve boarding combat that
is more detailed than the war cards but not at all brudensome.

Some of the vessels in BR such as the Anuirean Galleon would need stats
created for it in Trireme. That shouldn't be difficult. If you have
characters that are really into the nautical aspects of the campaign, Trireme
will provide a lot of fun for them. It did with my players.

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