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    Brian Logan

    [BIRTHRIGHT] Regents

    >Someone said that they had a hard time coming up with a good reason for
    >a Regent to go adventuring.
    > This blows my mind! Richard the Lionheart hated England and spent the
    >vast majority of his time leading wars whose main purpose was to keep
    >him occupied while he avoided his Domain! How do you think Ghengis Khan
    >conquered half the world? Alexander the Great didn't sit around writing
    >missives while his minions forged an empire! According to Robert Graves
    >(who should know) Julius Ceaser's main strength lay in his liberal use
    >of profanity while preparing his troops for battle!

    What I said was How to get regents who are kings to go adventuring together.
    We have no problem with a single king having a lot to do, but what sort of
    adventure makes a king call in other kings?


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    [BIRTHRIGHT] Regents

    In a message dated 97-02-21 04:29:04 EST, you write:


    The Gorgon? An invasion from Anduria? Something big like that would work.

    Ceincorinn Seabharinn (Ben Ekdahl)

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