On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Wyrd wrote:

> NPC blooded scions in the Domain supplements. For example guilders
> with dust of disappearance,(with so few mages, why would a mage
> develop items for other classes, it seems to me that one of the first thing
> a mage would make is a ring of protection or a cloak of protection or a
> nifty staff; rather than delving into the enhancement of other classes)
One word: GBs -oops that's two words!

> Also there seems to be a few too many elven fighters running about
> with chain +x, shield +x, and magical swords. If elves dont have the
> innate familiarity with the nimble weapons, why not +1 spears or
> hammers or mancatchers (every pun intended). In our campaign we

Where did you get the idea that elves aren't capable of using "nimble"
weapons such as magical swords?