While I do think that magic in Cerilia is rarer and more structured than
most, I have been surprised by the number of magic items wielded by
NPC blooded scions in the Domain supplements. For example guilders
with dust of disappearance,(with so few mages, why would a mage
develop items for other classes, it seems to me that one of the first thing
a mage would make is a ring of protection or a cloak of protection or a
nifty staff; rather than delving into the enhancement of other classes)
Also there seems to be a few too many elven fighters running about
with chain +x, shield +x, and magical swords. If elves dont have the
innate familiarity with the nimble weapons, why not +1 spears or
hammers or mancatchers (every pun intended). In our campaign we
introduced some spelljamming characters to Roessone and Elinie, and
we had to destroy many of their magical items to maintain game
balance.("woops, your Maztica cloak burnt up on reentry ;)". Those
spelljamming peoples tend to accumulate magic items, so we arranged a
pleasant crash into Ghoere.