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Thread: Blood abilities

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    Maureen Jalbert

    Blood abilities

    Has anyone made up any blood abilities?If you did could you please send some?
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    Jaime T. Matthew

    Blood Abilities

    > Maureen you can find more Blood abilitys in the Blood enemies
    > suppment! I have not respond much to this list but I have been enjoying
    > the discussions. If your a DM I have found that lengends Of the hero Kings
    > is a great suppment for BR adventure.It work great and it was handy when
    > you don't know quit what your player are going to do with there kingdoms.
    > My group is doing down time thanks to the hoildays( Maudi Gras), so now
    > am working on building a hoilday chart for the BR year. I found a few
    > from the Main boxed set, added the sword and the Crown, and hunting though
    > suppments. I discovered eary that with each culture diffent hoidays:)
    > Any one interested in my chart E-Mail me!! (
    > Also Iam interested in BR by E-mail, so anybody let me know about
    > please!!!!
    > DuckMan(a.k.a. Howard)

    I would be very interested in seeing what you have done on the
    holidays. I have been thinking about fleshing them out, but if you
    have already done so, that would be a great help to me.


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    Jaime T. Matthew

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